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EST. | 2012

We have combined our production with our sister company Brothers Drake Meadery in Columbus Ohio.

You can purchase bottles for delivery on our website at

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Visit us if you make it out to heart of it all, join our mead club for releases of our best barrel aged meads and seasonal favorites.  All meads are crafted in the same classic style with high quality raw honey with robust fruit and organic spices. 



the meadery

san francisco

We started with the concept of creating a local product and – eventually - a national brand.

We strive to buy raw materials, make our meads and sell as local to our production as possible. Buying local honey allows us to work closely with beekeepers to ensure that the honey is the purest and highest quality we can find. We support beekeepers that are producing honey using sustainable practices and are pollinating organic crops or very remote areas. Selling only regionally reduces waste of our valuable resources and helps strengthen local economies.


Our focus is finding the highest quality ingredients and creating a spectrum of aged meads

from dry to sweet.  We will redefine your expectations of this ancient fermentation style with our open-minded approach to flavors and commitment to the highest quality.


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Now bottled by :N

Brothers Drake Meadery 

26 E 5th Ave 

Columbus Ohio 


Produced in San Francisco 




Bottled and Sold by

Brothers Drake Meadery 

Columbus, Ohio 43201

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